Forget All About That Macho S*#T and Learn How To Play Guitar!

April 23, 2015 10:06 am

John Mellencamp couldn’t have said it any better. There are few things more satisfying than picking-up a guitar, plugging it into a Marshall amp and hearing that crackle and buzz as the strings await your command. Whether you’re hacking your way through a Rock classic in your basement or standing on a stage between a wall of stacks and a sea of fans, the feeling of holding a guitar in your hands and making it sing is like no other.

And the team at Gibson Guitars has released their 2015 collection of incredible axes to give guitarists something to aspire to. Whether you’re looking for the sweet sound of a hollow-body…


or the classic tone and sustain of a Les Paul…


…Gibson has the guitar for you. You can see the full line-up at on line at

You know who rocks (and we mean ROCKS!) a Gibson hollow-body?

This guy…


Stay cool.